Being on live TV was the most nervous I’ve ever been…

Lilly Loompa appeared on TV yesterday.  I was humbled to be interviewed on etv’s Sunrise Breakfast Show..

First of all let me pay my respects…it is no joke doing live TV.  I take off my hat to Sindi Mabe & Stacey Holland, anchors of the breakfast show.  They get up before the crack of dawn every day, drive to the studio, get powdered and styled (not that they need any beautification…they are both gorgeous!) and give us the latest scoop on current affairs, news etc.   Well done girls…I loved meeting you!

It was really exciting and a first for me.  Here is a photo essay of the morning…(and oh my camera is still out of order so I took these with my BlackBerry)

On our way to the studio

Jozi early morning skyline

Walking down the corridors

Welcome to the Sunrise Show!

In the guest waiting room

My creations waiting to be featured

Everything happened very quickly and my nerves were shot! I didn’t know what to expect but what I can say is that everyone I met knew my name and I felt really important.  Then I had to get my make-up done.  Now I didn’t realise how much make-up you needed to be camera ready.  I put up some make-up before I left home but they had to get me tv-ready.

Totally out of my comfort zone with made-up eyes and reddish lips

I had butterflies all over and my legs felt like jelly.  What if I say something stupid…I mean once it’s out there, there is nothing you can do about it!

Nombongo Koti is one of the producers from the show and she was absolutely great. She made me feel at ease and introduced me to another producer, Annelie who took me to the studio.  Now at this point I had to leave all electronic equipment including my phone so I couldn’t take anymore pics!

They hooked me up with the microphone and then us was time. Instructions from the floor manager: “Lizl don’t fiddle, don’t look to the camera, don’t do this and don’t do that!” Oh my, now it was on!

Let me say, TV looks very glamorous but really these people are as down-to-earth as you can get. They are all very professional with extraordinary talent to present live TV.  Sindi was great and really made me feel at ease.

On TV!


It is very weird and gruelling watching yourself on TV.  I didn’t even realise how many times I repeated… “like I said”!  And I made the weirdest movements with my mouth many times!  The interview went by so quickly and I had so many things I still wanted to say!

All in all…one of the best experiences of my life ever.  Very educational and informative.

PS: I recorded the interview on DSTV PVR but I am unable to download it from the hard drive.  My brother, Dustin, is hoping to get the clip soon to those who missed it!  I will try to upload it once I have it!

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