My weekend…

It was a busy one.

Friday – we had supper with friends, (two sisters) Shireen & Anthea in Benoni.

Saturday – WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!!  I am yet to get excited about my birthday, there was just so much happening I decided not to have a party.  Rather I chose to attend a traditional African wedding in Soweto.  It was so refreshing and lively as only the Sowetans can do!  I love the spirit of Ubuntu at gatherings like these.  It is so tangible.

“Ubuntu is a concept in the Bantu Language.

It is about the essence of Humanness.

Simply put: ‘people are people through other people’

I am human because I belong. This concept acknowledges both the rights and the responsibilities of each citizen in promoting individual and societal wellbeing.”


Loved the decor!

The event was at Hope’s mother home.  They closed off the street and the guests walked down a red carpet.  Thanks for making us part of your special day Tebogo and Hope!  We hope to join you for your white wedding in February in Cape Town!  I couldn’t catch a photo of the bride and groom as my camera died on me!  Sorry! Read more on African weddings & traditions here.

Saturday evening – Went to another birthday celebration of a dear friend Samantha.  This party was also a combined farewell to friends of theirs.

Sunday – After a blessed time at church we attended a birthday party of 5-year old Roxy Botha. Thanks Mel and Reggie for making us part of your day!  We love meeting new people and we made some great friends at the party at Delta Park .

That was my busy weekend.  I definitely feel a year older after that!  I made a new friend at church, Melonie.  She jokingly asked me about the amount of weddings I have attended so far.  Maybe I should change my blog topic to that of weddings…what do you think?

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2 thoughts on “My weekend…

  1. Melonie says:

    Love Love Love this blog!!
    Weddings…. Mmmm…..there must be a reason why you attend so many dear. Just like all your other inspirational posts- me thinks there are many ladies in waiting just waiting for you to inspire them as they prepare for their BIG day!
    (~~,*) xx

    • Lilly Loompa says:

      Thanks for reading Mel! I loooove weddings and like you said definitely a reason why I attend so many. I try my best to write what God lays on my heart…glad it is inspiring!

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