Abra ka Gerbera

I have been rambling about weddings and more weddings for weeks now.  I promised to write about an inexpensive idea I had for one of my 3 weddings.  This one was for my sister, Ame’s wedding.  We needed budget centrepieces.

She wanted a very relaxed day with no frills and bells.  However we still wanted it to look classy.  I got this idea from the internet for inexpensive flower arrangements.

Inexpensive centrepieces

This was the beautiful venue in the Winelands:

Olivello Restaurant

Now I was so rushed that I forgot to take pics of the process…apologies.  But it is really simple and easy.  You need the following:

– 1 empty glass jar

– White paper bag

– 1 x Gerbera flower (in the colour of your choice)

– Greenery (plant lovers please help me! I cannot remember the name!)

– Ribbon in the colour of your choice

– 1 thin plastic bag (to prevent the paper bag from getting wet)

Half fill the glass jar with water.  Put the glass jar in the plastic bag and then in the paper bag.  Arrange the greenery & the flower in the centre.  Tie the ribbon around in a loose manner to finish off your very inexpensive but classy arrangement!

That’s it!

Genus Gerbera


I together with my Aunt Estelle, also made the hand bouquets.  Very simple and striking….and I think you will agree that my sister looked beautiful!

Protea hand bouquet

Ame & her Bridesmaid, Lucinda (and a distant relative also features!)

My youngest...Kirsten

My eldest, Chelsea (left) and Emily, Ame's daughter

That was a snippet of Ame’s inspirational and prompt wedding.  The two of us organised the whole wedding in about 12 days!  Oh I forgot to mention the cost of the Gerbera table arrangement.  It came down to about R 15,oo per unit.  We had 9 tables so in total we spent less than R150,00!  Great for cost saving and great on the eye!

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