Who am I?

I have been plagued by this question for the last few months.  Where do I really come from?  Who are my ancestors?  This topic came up at three social events this past week.

My granny, my Mother’s mother is 98 and still alive.  I have been meaning to interview her and find out who her parents were and where they originate from.  Unfortunately she is starting to show signs of dementia which means it makes it more difficult.

I think many of our social problems will be lessened if all of us knew our history.  It will give me perspective of why I am and who I am.  Why I harbour certain habits and values.  Imagine finding out your great-great-great grandfather was a king. Imagine how that will influence your current state of mind.  You will think and act very differently because you are of a royal blood-line. Like mentioned in 1 Peter 2:9.  Could I perhaps be of Khoi-San descent?

Bushman drawings

Or could I have European/Caucasian roots?  I also feel a deep connection with my African people.  I am an African.

Read former President Thabo Mbeki’s inspiring speech of 8 May 1996: I am an African.  It encompasses all who we are and our rich history as a nation and continent and people.  I have made a decision to start researching my family tree.  I know it will cost a lot of research and work.  But I realise the value it will mean to my family and the generations to come.

Any ideas on how and where to start?  Please let me know if you have taken on the challenge.

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