I heart you…

Clearly this is wedding season for me as I mentioned in my previous post.  My dear friend, Carmen, met her husband, Ray and almost immediately they decided they are meant for each other.

So about 140 days after they met, they tied the knot on 30 October 2011.  Isn’t love just inspirational and romantic?  She wanted a rustic, romantic feel for her wedding and decided on a friend’s backyard as the perfect wedding venue.

Initial wedding venue

So the plan was to roll-on-grass under the tree.  However, after a spate of bad weather these past weeks in the Cape Province we had to think of a plan B.  The weather bureau predicted rain for her big day so on Friday, 28 October, 2 days before their wedding, my friends adventurously changed their venue to De Reuck Winefarm in Paarl.

Marquee tent

The interior was rustic just like she wanted it…

Interior of tent

I came across this idea a few weeks ago to make paper hearts for her wedding.  I will just post the pictures to give you an idea on how to make it.

Paper heart

Cut 2 sets of paper in different size strips

Staple the strips together from long to short, short to long

Start folding the insides and complete the trio

We also made toilet-paper roll flowers to add to the theme.  We had to jazz up the tent in a matter of 2 hours.  Remember I had two other weddings to attend before. And we still changed the venue two days before.  Sjoe, seems like 2 is the perfect number! So we started at 08h00 the morning of the wedding and had to rush to be ready for the wedding that would start at 10h30.

Ashley, Allen and the guys hanging the hearts & flowers

Rustic, romantic tent

Together with her Wedding Planner, Grazelda, we managed to achieve the above in 2 hours. Doesn’t look like a lot but the draping took quite some time. We also used coffee cans and filled them with daisies. We hung them on the wrought-iron chairs and on the drapery.

You will see the right-hand side of the tent has a open space. Carmen asked each guest to bring their own camp chair to add to the relaxed atmosphere.  People really enjoyed the afternoon as it drizzled outside.

Carmen & Ray

It was a roller-coaster adventure and I enjoyed every minute of it!  Thanks guys for making me part of your special day!

PS: My next DIY post will be on my sister’s wedding.

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