My mom, the teacher

Teachers are totally underrated.  My mom is a teacher.  A passionate teacher I might add.  I once again had the opportunity to visit her school about 2 weeks ago.

Bergendal Primary

I decided it is the ideal opportunity to interview her and find out more about the school.

Please introduce yourself: I am Felicity Jacobs

How long have you been a teacher? 38 years



How long have been teaching at Bergendal Primary: 29 years

What grade do you teach? Grade 2

Eager grade 2 pupils

What challenges do you face as a teacher?  The curriculum changes too often resulting in poor learners. We have too little resources.  A big challenge I face is to feed a child before I can teach a child.                                                                                                            

What do you like about teaching?  To see how a young child can learn how to read and write.  They come to school with eager faces and willingness to learn although they face a lot of challenges like poverty and the after effects of apartheid systems like the “dop” system.  

Tell us about the history of the school. The school will be 50 years old in 2012.  Initially the name was Leuwenjaght Primary School.  Situated on Seidelberg  the school presently educates scholars up to grade 9.  When the school started it only had Grade 1-7.  

Roland Seidel purchased the farm 15 years ago and too saw  this as a wonderful opportunity to invest in the community with the aim to let the learners participate in the future growth of the economy.

A lot of renovations have taken place over recent years and with the help of Mr Seidel and other donors there are a number of projects underway . A computer lab was recently built and is also used in the evenings for adult literacy classes. Current projects include the building of additional classrooms as well as the inclusion of a library .

The school yard

A trust was formed to collect money for these renovations. There is still a lot that can be done for the community , so if you wish to get involved in this project please contact the school at the details provided.  Recently Charles Back bought the farm.

What are the immediate needs of the school? We need more classrooms.  We also need to employ more teachers but for that we need more money.  We are always in need for stationery, furniture and computers.                                                                                              

Bergendal Primary

Paarl South

021-863 3470

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