3 weddings in a weekend…

It has been two weeks of chaos and wedding bliss.  This past weekend I attended 3 weddings in a row!

Friday, 28 October – My younger sister, Ame got married.

My beautiful sister, Ame and husband, Edmund

Saturday, 29 October – This one is a bit complicated…wait for it.  Ashley’s cousin Yvette got married to his (Ashley’s) best friend, Edwellan.

Gorgeous Yvette & Edwellan

Sunday, 30 October – One of my dearest friends, Carmen, got married to Raymond.

Carmen & Ray - stunning!

All I can say is WOW! All of them were special in their own distinctive way.  Each couple added their own unique flair to their special day.

I was privileged to be my sister’s Wedding Planner.  I also assisted Carmen with hers with decor ideas.  That has kept me running around but I enjoyed every moment of it! I will post some of the ideas we implemented in the weeks to come.

I wish each couple health and happiness.  They are all very special to me, and I thank you for making me feel special by allowing me to share it with you!  Love you guys!!!

PS: Ame and Carms…I know you are still on Honeymoon but I am still recovering!

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