Bathroom bliss!

These are the words my client used when she thanked me for a job well-done!  That is music to the ears of an Interior Decorator. That makes all the blood, sweat and work worthwhile!

The challenge was huge…to re-do a teeny, weeny, outdated bathroom.  These are the before pictures:




Inspiration for bathroom


The idea was to create the illusion of space by installing reflective surfaces like glass, brushed steel and mirror.  Because the space also has a small window, it created a mould problem.  So Ashley and his team gutted the place and started the work:

The guys at work

The project took a little longer than expected (due to various reasons), but alas we are done!

Brushed steel light fixture

Fresh paint

 We installed an extractor fan to eliminate the mould problem.

New bath

We took out the outdated shower frame and installed a glass screen on a swivel.  We also moved the taps and mixers for the bath to the opposite side of the shower.

Swivel bath screen

Suspended vanity & basin

The once dark, mouldy bathroom now feels airy and light.  The clients are happy which in turn make me happy!  We stayed within budget and for a relatively small amount of Rand we managed to add a lot of value to the property.

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2 thoughts on “Bathroom bliss!

  1. […] just luuuuurve creating something new from discarded items.  A few months ago I posted about a bathroom I did for clients.  Ashley did the actual work and plunged a whole lot of rubble on our […]

  2. JR says:

    The look is fantastic. We are currently remodeling our main bath & I think this would look fantastic for a nice “pop”

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