Holy Spirit afresh

Some of you might remember a post about our updated dining room a while back.  I mentioned an inside joke about the “Holy Spirit” branch.  Well this week was significant in that I re-committed myself anew to my Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Yesterday we had a prayer session and I was so overwhelmed by His presence in the very same dining room.  So I thought it fitting to update the room with a new branch.  After all, that teeny branch was no where near representative of the Holy Spirit’s magnitude.

Branch before

I once again took a trip outside in looked in God’s backyard for inspiration.  I found this branch with great shape a few metres away from home:

Saved the branch

I vigorously removed the leaves and took it inside the house:

Ready to be hung

I used fish-line to give it the effect of hovering…and there you go!

Quick and easy

That is really a quick and easy project to update a room.  Once again a freebie from nature.  Go on and try it!

PS: I hope you didn’t notice…we haven’t done cornices yet.  Hopefully soon!

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