Rubbish makes a light!

It is safe to say that lighting is my favourite part of decorating.  I love making interesting lampshades as seen here.  So naturally this week the urge surfaced to make another of recycled material.

You need the following:

Stripped metal frame of an old lampshade

Plastic packaging

Hot glue gun

Stripped frame

1. Start by cutting your packaging into strips that would fit around the frame.  Glue them carefully onto the frame.

Glue the pieces onto the frame

2. Continue all the way around.

Almost done

3. Until you’re done!


4. Technically, you’re done.  This is literally a 5-minute project.  I went a step further and used little cable-ties to finish it off.  I looped them and joined them. (I did this on Tuesday night while watching TV)

Cable tie curtain

5. I added these cute little loops to the lampshade to add some texture.

Cable ties & packaging light

Completed light

There you go…an inexpensive way to light up a room.  Enjoy!

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