So much for my DIY post

As per custom my plan is to post a DIY project every Friday.  I always try to start the project early in the week so I have enough time to complete it.  However this week has been extra busy on site with baking, building etc.

Thus after the rush this afternoon I decided to tackle this week’s project: A lamp-stand made with a dead branch:

Dead branch

So I picked up an interesting branch on site.  (If you look closely you can see the baked bread and the chaos on the table after the volunteers left).  I went to get all my tools and necessities together and was excited to start.  Only to be rudely surprised that none of my tools were on site!  No drill, no grinder…urrrhhhh!!!

Ashley and I are renovating a bathroom for a client this week and I didn’t realise he took all the tools to that site.

On the topic of dead branches, I can however give you a tip on an inexpensive coffee table.  I loooove all things natural.  The next time you are outdoors, grab a tree-trunk and clean it up, it makes a great coffee or side table!  You can leave it natural or give it a lick of paint!

Tree-trunk comes handy

In the meanwhile, my hands are cut off and unfortunately I couldn’t complete the project.  I hope to soon and will post the pics when I’m done.  It is true that they said marriage is hard work!

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