Quick art

Good day Friday!  This week I was pressed for time so I thought of a quick fix-me-upper!

If you want to update a corner and don’t have loads of cash or material, this is a great craft project:  Quick art made with off-cuts fabric and a canvas.

Items needed:



Thumb tacks


I chose my office corner in our bedroom.  I painted these canvasses a few years ago and was now bored of them.

Painted canvasses

  1. Choose 2 pieces of interesting fabric and cut to size with a lip of about 4 cm.

Funky fabric

2. Turn the canvas around and grab the thumb tacks.

Time to fix the fabric to the canvas

3. Firmly press the thumb tacks into the wood.  It should go in fairly easy.  Be sure to pull it tight over the canvas.  Also makes sure your corners are done neat.

Canvas completed

4. Voila, done!  Now all you have to do is hang it!
Finished product

Updated office corner

You can make any size you want.  If you don’t have canvasses, use any wood and cut to size.  You can go mad with different designs etc.  This is a very cheap way to update a space.  It cost me nothing as I had all the above at my disposal!


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