If you are not familiar with SMS lingo, the above means:  “Hope that helps to fill in the blanks”

I have mentioned in a previous post, I am useless with technology.  So receiving & reading messages via SMS and on FB takes me a bit longer to understand.  Am I the only one out there with that problem?

I live in a neighbourhood where most people make use of public transport.  I am usually amused by how many of the commuters that wait for taxi’s are absorbed by their mobile phones.   Last Sunday I attended a talent night at a church in Eersterust in Pretoria and once again, amazed by the speed the young ones can type!!  This one young girl was literally typing at the speed of lightning.  She was giving her thumb a serious work-out!

SMS abbreviations

And I thought ATM means “Automatic Teller Machine”…who knew it now means “At the moment”!    It is quite worrying in a way…if a child can type that fast in a language you don’t understand, imagine what they are getting up to.

I wonder how technology will have progressed in 10 years.  I have two daughters that will be 14 and 12 respectively by then.  Makes you wonder…

Anyway…HAND –Have a nice day;  H&K — Hugs and kisses.  

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