Must-have DIY tools

I am not a DIY fundi…I am just an overly excited gal who likes to do-it-herself!  Girl power!

So when the bug bites me to tackle a project…these are the top 10 must-have components I need to complete my project successfully:

  1. Prestik or Sticky-tack as the American’s call it.  I use it for almost every DIY project.  It’s a great way to test where to hang pictures before fixing it permanently to the wall with nails.
  2. A hammer.  Another need to have.  But be warned…if not used properly can cause great pain!  I accidentally pounded my thumb about 3 weeks ago.  Eina!

Pounded thumb!

I always hated my big thumbs and hands when I was younger…now I realise it helps me a lot with my projects.  My hands are rugged and not a week goes by without me having nicks and cuts on it.

  1. Pliers.  I have a handful of them.  I used to have a jewellery business and used all kinds of them for delicate earrings and neck-pieces.
  2. Thumb tacks or “drukspykers” (Afrikaans).  A definite must-have for me.  I use it to fix twine at the back of artworks or pictures.
  3. Glue gun.  One of my favourites.  I feel totally invincible when in hand…like a Charlie’s Angel!

Glue gun

  1. Jigsaw.  Mine has seen better days but is still workable.
  2. Spirit level.  This is a sensitive item for me.  Ashley swears by it.  To be honest…most of the time I don’t use it as I think I have a built-in level in my head!
  3. Drill.  Needed for all kinds of jobs like making holes in the wall, wood or hanging curtain rails.
  4. Staple gun.  I had one…a good one.  Unfortunately someone stole it when I was working on a charity ball in 2008. Cannot wait to buy another one.
  5. Screwdrivers.  Or if none is at hand…I grab a knife sometimes!
As you can tell I am not a trained professional and I don’t do everything by the book.  However, I always try to be safe when I work.
Do tell me about your secret weapons to mass DIY construction.  Do you have any tips for safe working?
Happy DIY weekend!
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