How to make a charging station

Hello DIY Friday!  This week I thought of an easy but practical project.  We all have cellphones and camera’s and they need to be charged.

So why not contain the clutter of wires and phones in a nice stylish way?  I found inspiration in a programme I watched recently called Pure Design.   So I made a cellphone charging station.

You will need the following:

• A box of your choice

• Ruler

• Pencil

• Utility knife/ Jigsaw

  1. Choose a box that will fit all the gadgets you would like to store and charge, as well as reflect your room design.

Wood box

On the back of the box, use a ruler and pencil to mark where you will cut the hole to run the cables.
Use a utility knife (if your box is made of cardboard) or drill  the lines of the hole you are cutting (if your box is made of wood like mine). Continue scoring the lines until you work your way through the box material and pop out the hole.

Looks like a mouse chewed that hole!

I made a hole with the drill and when I used the jigsaw to make a nice size hole Kirsten came in the room and my eyes were off the target for a second.  My hand slipped and resulted in a bigger hole!! Anyway, such is life!

Now paint the box in your desired colour and finish.

I decided to go for a leafy look.  I used actual leaves I picked up outside.

Stick leaves on box

This proofed not so successful.  The leaves kept falling off while I painted.  Long story short…I had to re-paint it by hand. Put your gadgets in the box and feed their cables through the hole and into a power bar.  Below is the finished product.

Inside box

You can use the plastic rings of bread bags to keep the cords from slipping through the hole.

Finished product

Also see I finished the wall art with a border.  Some of you might remember the artwork on the wall made with toilet rolls. This is how it looked before:

Before border

I think it looks much better now.

Today was a yellow day.  I love yellow.  Dear Aunty Ruth from 1in1out gave me these lovely tulips to brighten up my day…and indeed they did.  I also managed to get a great yellow jacket for R50,00 at a sale today!  How’s that for a special!!

The yellow tulips made my day!

I like the charging station.  However I think the box is a little too big and I want to re-paint it without the leafy prints on it. Just plain.  I will post the pics when I have re-done it.

In the meantime, I will enjoy my low-cost (R0,00) project!  If you’re planning to try this one…please send me the pics!! Have a great weekend and be safe!

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