Icing the wall

It’s DIY friday again and this is a quick post.  Please excuse me but due to the bakery training this week, I was unable to do a proper project.  So this minor, temporary do-it-yourself project will have to do!

We have been plagued by a mouse again. Being a nocturnal creature he stalks us at night while in bed. Some of you might remember my episode with a snake earlier this year. The constant influx of creepy crawlies and four-legged creatures into the dressing room were due to the hole in the wall.  We are unable to finish the ceiling right now due to budget constraints.

So after the training concluded on Tuesday I decided to tackle this challenge.  The hole needed to be closed up with mortar. There was another hour or so of sunlight left, so I started right away.

The dressing room is situated right at the back of the house.  It was like verging into unknown territory.  It looks quite terrible and needs a proper facelift as you can see…

Back of the house

As soon as funds become available, we will rebuild the top part of the wall, fix the roof and finish the interior with ceiling.  But for now, my pressing goal was just to close the holes.  I unfortunately didn’t take any pictures while in progress.

It was my first time plastering and I actually enjoyed it.  It was like icing a cake…except this was much messier and uncomfortable because of the height and angle.

Closing the holes

I managed to close up the 3 major holes and was quite chuffed with the result.  Yes I know, it doesn’t look glamorous to you…but to me it was a great achievement.  Girl power!

Hopefully the crawlies will now stay out!

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