I think weekends should be longer…don’t you?

Yup, it’s Monday again…I wish weekends could be longer.

It’s such a mad rush during the week and I am sure most of us cannot wait for weekends.  We are so relieved when the clock strikes 15h00 on a Friday.  Then it’s winding down time.  People leave work early, some go away for the weekend and there is just a general spirit of excitement in the air.

Then Saturday morning arrive.  If you’re kids are not invited to a kiddie party later it will hopefully find you lazing in bed till about 10h00.  Maybe you’ll do a bit of housecleaning and laundry?  Then it’s off to the shops (which is usually a nightmare on a Saturday!) to do the weekly grocery shopping.  I take it easy in afternoons as Ashley is generally glued to the couch watching rugby which I have absolutely no interest in, except if Rico Gear is playing. Apparently he retired or doesn’t play anymore? Boo-woo!

If we’re at home we will laze around and watch movies all night.  If I’m really feeling domestic, maybe I will start preparing Sunday lunch.  Maybe…

Then Sunday comes.  Off to church…lunch, pudding and a nice afternoon nap!  Sunday night movie…and then Monday comes quicker than you can say: “Weekends should be longer!”

Weekends are like a youth camp.  You arrive at the campsite all nervous and excited on the Friday…not sure what the camp future holds for you.  You scan through the fellow campers and notice a cute guy (Mr. X).  Saturday is full of activities and workshops.  You and Mr. X check each other out. Maybe you’ll even have a moment in the lunch room.  But it’s just a teaser for what might be.

Weekends are like youth camps...

Sunday is the closing day and just when you’ve mustered up enough courage to have a meaningful conversation with Mr.X it’s time to say goodbye.  The buses are all lined up and ready to take you home.  Aaahr!!  There is so much you wanted to say to him…That is how I see weekends…so much potential…too little time.

Now if you live in the United Arab Emirates like my friends Yvette and Ronwyn, your weekend starts on Thursday and your working week starts on Sunday!  Wow…I would really struggle to get used to that!

I am actually not even sure what I expect of weekends.  I just feel the week structure is unbalanced. 5 working days and 2 off days?  I would prefer Mondays to be part of the weekend in total.  That would really make my week!  Anyone out there share my sentiment?

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4 thoughts on “I think weekends should be longer…don’t you?

  1. I’ve always thought that we should have Fridays off to do the shopping and domestic stuff and Mondays to clean up from the weekend and get ready for the rest of the week. Howzat?

    • Lilly Loompa says:

      Hi there Attitude Queen! I would love that! There is just not enough days in the week to do everything! I suppose we will never be satisfied. Soon after that we might want Tuesdays off too!

  2. nikiniki says:

    I’m doing a speech on weekends should be extended can you give me some good ideas

    • Lilly Loompa says:

      Hey Nikiniki
      As an overall suggestion, I just feel weekends should be longer. I use my weekends to connect with friends and Sundays I go to church. Then there are still domestic chores, shopping and all of that! The powers that be would be doing all of us a favour by instituting another day for weekends. But I suppose greed and capitalism has a lot to do with this rule as economies might suffer. However on the other hand, it could increase productivity.

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