Shut it!

It’s DIY friday again!  Wow, this week went faster than Usain Bolt in the 100 metres!  Boy, that guy can run!

You’ll remember my post about insulating the girls’ room for winter.  I had a challenge with two odd sized windows as seen below:

Odd sized windows

I had to think of a way to dress these windows for both insulation and privacy.  I didn’t want to have curtains made as it would be a waste of material to have floor-length drapes.  Thus I thought of making shutters.  The house we occupied in Philadelphia had shutters and I loved it.  Mine would be much simpler and would serve more of a practical purpose.

Shutters in Philadelphia

Concept for window shutter

Firstly, I measured and cut the wood.  I used inexpensive plywood I found on site.

Then I was inspired by a idea I saw on the Internet by Emily Henderson.  She painted an antique table with an interesting motive as seen below:

Stencilled table

I had to try it!  I think she used actual stencils.  I just made cut-outs out of white paper and used pritt to stick it to the wood.


Flower cut-out

Then I painted the whole board white.  It needed 2 coats.  I hung it on the wall with two small hinges.

Oooh...I like that!

Then I painted a small border around the unit so it would look like an artwork when closed.  I hung a painting I did when Chelsea was born in the centre and pulled off the rest of the cut-outs.  Just a reminder of how the windows looked before:

Before shutters were hung

This is how it looks now: (click on the pictures to enlarge)


Lights on

Open shutter

Easy to operate

I love it.  It took some time to complete…but I like the end result.  The room is much warmer now and it is super-easy to operate. I just flip them open and use a stick to keep it open.  Once again…a very cost-effective project:

Plywood:  R 0,00

Paint: R 0,00

Cut-outs: R 0,00

Hinges: R 0,00 (on site)

Artwork: R 0,00 (hand-made)

Masonry drill bit: R 12,00

Project cost: R 12,00

Would you try this project at home?  Do you have small windows that needs some TLC?  Feel free to ask me for advise.

Have a great DIY weekend!  Take lots of pics and don’t forget to send them to me!

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