Making memories

We love travelling and I am like a magpie.  I collect things and finds wherever we go.

I especially like collecting natural items like driftwood, stones, shells, etc.  So if not careful, I can quickly find myself with boxes full of “stuff”.

A few years ago I thought of a way to display my finds that would appeal to my taste in décor.  So I came up with this idea to make a memory stick.

Collect all your finds and drill holes in the wood, shells etc.  You will need a long, interesting stick to be the main feature.  Grab some twine and start stringing the tokens in the order you like.  I unfortunately don’t have the equipment to make holes in the stones.  I just wrapped them double with the twine and used clear glue to secure it.  Be sure to space the tokens evenly.

Sticks & stones

When you’re done it should look something like this:

  1. This piece of driftwood I picked up in 2005 in the mountains in Greyton,Western Cape.
  2. These shells I collected while on holiday with my parents in Sedgefield in 2005.
  3. Driftwood from the beach in Arniston in 2006.
  4. These are burned guava’s I picked up in the Kruger National Park in 2006.  A guava tree caught fire and the gauva’s went stone-hard.
  5. These are precious stones I used when I still had my jewellery business.

The rest of the items are just random stuff I had around the house.

Below is the finished product.  These pictures were taken in our bedroom when we stayed in Philadelphia in 2007.

Finished product

I still have the memory stick but it is waiting for a place in our new home.  I cannot wait to paint the living room and hang it on the wall!

Waiting for a new home

You can also extend it and use it as a room divider.  I made one for a good friend of mine, Liana, and she uses hers as a ‘curtain’ in her bathroom.

Go on, make some memories!

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