Sticks make a mirror

Now for my weekly DIY project.  I have been meaning to make-over this mirror in the bathroom.

Naked mirror on wall

I have been playing with a few ideas of jazzing it up, then I saw this picture on the Internet:

My inspiration

So I went on a excursion around the house and picked up a few sticks and twigs.

Sticks & twigs

Then I grabbed my trusty jigsaw and started sawing away.

Cutting time

After a whole lot a noise and saw dust all over the place I ended up with a whole lot of wood chips.

Wood chips

Naturally some of them had to be sanded because of the rough edges.  Then I started placing them on the mirror.

Placing the chips

Then I used the hot-glue gun to fix them to the mirror.

Mirror on wall

I really like it.

Close up view

Ideally I would like to have a bigger mirror.  I also think I should make a flat wood frame and fix the chips directly to the frame.  That will naturally enlarge the mirror.

Project cost: R0,00

Gotta love it!

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