Me go home

Tata Madiba

Today is our beloved Madiba’s 93rd birthday.  Many congratulations on this great milestone Tata!  I am reminded of how unselfish you were in your lifetime.  From now on I will be motivated by your mantra: “Lead by example”. Apparently he is spending his special day with his family in his hometown, Qunu in the Eastern Cape.

This makes me miss my hometown and family.  I live adjacent to the N1 in Johannesburg.  So everyday I see thousands of cars pass on their way.  Some enter the city after hours of driving from wherever.  Some go south.  My home lay south.  My hometown, Paarl.

N1 South

The last time we drove down was on 8 March 2011 as read here.  The road to Paarl is 1332 km’s far.  It is long and fairly boring.  It takes approximately 14 hours if you keep to the travel plan.

Since we have kids we would typically leave after dusk to get them to sleep through most of the journey.  I would have them bathed and in their pajamas.  I would be prepared with ready-made bottles for Kirsten.  I would pack enough drinking water, juice, snacks and ‘padkos’ (food for the road).  I am reminded of the padkos we had when I was younger.  Typically the food will be packed in a ‘koekblik’ which is a cake tin.  My mom or my granny would pack cream crackers with cheese and boiled eggs.  Usually they will pack it the night before resulting in saggy crackers and blue eggs by the time you eat them!  Good times!


When we are driving from Joburg to Cape Town our first stop would be Bloemfontein to fill up the tank.  We would stretch, change nappies and have a toilet break for about 20 minutes.   Our next big stops would be Colesburg (which is more or less in the middle of the journey) and Beaufort-West.

We try to keep awake by talking, playing lots of music and resting at the scheduled stops.  By morning light we would be so tired and excited to get home we would just push all the way through to Paarl.

Morning light

Open road

Then at last we would see our beloved blue mountains…

Worcester valley

Paarl Valley

My beloved valley lies ahead!  If all goes well, we will be going to the wedding of our dear friend, Edwellan at the end of October.  He is getting married to Ashley’s cousin, Yvette.  We cannot wait to see them and all our family!

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