Recollecting and remembering myself

As we reflect and bask in the glorious aftermath of a very successful World Cup of 2010, I am reminded of my very bad memory.  Excuse the pun.

What again?

Whenever my sister and I would reminisce about growing up, she would sometimes mention people’s names, or situations that we found ourselves in, then I would hit a blank. Totally…

I find that especially now that we have moved away from our family, it is even worse. Maybe the saying: “out of sight, out of mind”, applies here.  I forget birthdays and anniversaries, etc.  In fact, last night at 23h15 I found myself in a panic.  I was getting ready for bed when it suddenly it dawned on me that it could’ve been my parents wedding anniversary!

Oh my!

Obviously it was too late to phone them, and I would have been too embarrassed anyway. And for me to make the same mistake twice in one year, I fear would just be too much for my Mom!  On 29 April at about 08h20, on my way to work, I call my Mom to wish her a great birthday.  She disappointedly reacts: “My child, my birthday is tomorrow…”  Oh my…

Ok, at least I wasn’t late…at least I didn’t forget it.  I just had the date wrong!  I forgot the date my Mom, (the one who gave birth to me) was born!  OOPS!

So I need your help.  If you are a family member of mine, or a friend, or my Mom, please send me your birthday and anniversary dates.  

I used to have a birthday calendar, but alas it got lost in the move.

Please guys…I fear I might forget your important day and that just would not be good for my self-esteem.  It would just be too much for me.  I cannot promise a personal phone call…but with all the means of communication of late (email, sms or Facebook) I will try my utmost best to at least wish you well on your day of remembrance.

I will also try to follow my Gran’s advise of drinking parsley water…(I also suspect my lack of exercising plays a part)

Ok, what was I about to do now?

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