One step closer to living in a shipping container

There is nothing that makes me more excited than green living and recycling.  I’ll admit, I am not living as green as I should…but I am much more aware of my footprint on the environment than I was a few years ago.

Therefore one of my dreams is to live in a shipping container.  I proclaimed it earlier and I am sticking to my guns.  Read about it here.

As mentioned here, we had an avalanche of guests a few weeks ago.  They really made a huge difference while they were here.

Painted container

Firstly the exterior was painted.  Then the mongoose that stayed under the container was evicted.  They decided to build up the foundation.  This time I caught a better picture of him.


I am glad is still around though.  Maybe he can assist with decreasing the population of snakes.   I tell you God is so amazing for bringing so much balance.  Check this illustration of a food chain.

Food chain

The amazing (and scary) thing is I share my habitat with all the animals above.  I guess this is Africa baby!  Anyhow, back to the container revamp.  Here are some pictures to show you in short what they did.

Interior tiled

Living room

So, slowly we are making progress.  Although the youngsters were enthusiastic and eager, the tiles are laid a bit skew.  So we will lift and re-tile.  Also, we need to do a lot of finishing. All in good time though.  In the meantime, we are trying to get a low-cost solution to finishing the dreaded dressing room to make it mouse and snake proof…or any animal for that matter!

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One thought on “One step closer to living in a shipping container

  1. JLZ says:

    ek lees graag jou inskrywings…wel gedaan!!!

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