Visitors from all over…including a gnawer, a mongoose and a rugby team!

Last night I was happily going on with my business in the kitchen preparing sandwiches for the girls for school.  As I was spreading butter on the bread I noticed a small grey ball of fur in my blind spot and my hair literally stood on end. I was horrified and went stone-cold for a second as I realized it was a mouse.

Uuurgh, I hate small 4-legged furry creatures in my home!  And now there is one right here in my kitchen…in the cupboard!!


This was the path he followed all along the wall and literally jumped up and slipped in the cupboard. The opening must be less than 1cm thick and he just squeezed right through it.

Now we have been living here for close to 3months and we have never had a mouse (or at least we never saw one).  We accounted this to the hear-say stories about snakes on the property.  We also recently discovered we have 2 meerkats on site!  They seem to live under my dream home…the container home.  I must say…I was pleasantly surprised when I saw one the other day.  He was so cute!  But he was too far to get a nice picture.  So I downloaded a picture from the internet.


This is not the exact specie but it looked similar.

For the last 2 weeks, the charity 1in1out has been hosting a group of 85 two-legged friends from Wales, England and Canada on-site.  Then I realized it’s because we have had so much traffic in and out the house since the visitors came that Mr. Mouse nestled in so nicely.  He must have slipped in while the kitchen door was open.  (Need to get those gauze doors)

This was our view from the kitchen a few weeks ago…


And this is how it looks now…

The busy team

It’s a flurry of activity.  The guys and girls have sacrificed their holiday to come and work and make a difference to our poverty-stricken South Africa.  Among them is a rugby team from Cardiff, Wales.

The team interacting with some kids from the Lindelani Informal Settlement in Freedom Park.

They have some rugby matches lined up for the duration of their stay with local teams.  If they’re not playing, the whole team is involved in upgrading the 1in1Out site.  If all goes well, the site will be transformed into a skills development centre to benefit the immediate community firstly, then others there-after.

Constructing a floor

Here you can see the guys busy constructing a floor for the intended crèche.  The idea is that the space between the 2 red containers will be converted into a common play-area for the kids.  The team leader, Bill Hebner from Canada, is a huge advocate for container living as he himself has lived in one.  So he knows firsthand the benefits etc.

They have done a tremendous amount thus far.

Shuffling some sand away

The team from First National Bank

The team from First National Bank also jumped in.  Here they are painting the RDP house.

The team packing food

This is how some of the team members spent their Saturday night…packing food for the destitute.

We thank God for them.  They have come to make a difference…and indeed they are doing so.  As for my other guest…not sure how to get rid of him.  We have sporadically placed rat poison in strategic places.  Obviously this poses a danger as I have 2 small kids.  Do you have any suggestions that are safe and not harmful to the environment?  Please send them through!  Help…my house smells like mouse!

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