Library love

Don’t you just love libraries?

I love the movie City of Angels…especially the scenes of the angels hanging around in the majestic San Francisco Library.

San Francisco Library

I have tried to instill the same passion in Chelsea since last year…and she goes crazy for “bib-le-teek”, as she calls it.  She loves books and that I am grateful for.

So I dropped the kids at school today and found that the local library is situated just behind the school.  How exciting?  So I couldn’t resist and flipped out my camera and snapped away.

Library interior

I like the industrial design style with the red exposed pipes…however the pink rails are just a little too much!

When I looked closer I found a little gem of history.

Houses for all campaign

Freedom struggle campaigns

These are copies of the posters that were used as campaigns by the ANC in the apartheid era.  Check the one on the left.  It’s a call for the National Stay Away that happened on that fateful day, June 16, 1976.

According to the government-appointed Cillie Commission of Enquiry 575 people died. Police action resulted in 451 deaths.  3 907 people were injured. The police were responsible for 2 389 injuries.

It’s a pretty amazing piece of history the library kept.  I felt so moved by it; I decided to spend some time here.  I needed to check some emails and do some work in any case.

Working in my new office

I love the stillness of the library.  Except for the dull sound of the radio in the reception area, and the cooing of a pigeon outside…it is dead quiet.  It is so conducive for working; I think I should make it my office?  I will save on overheads you think?  Uhmmm?

Now next goal: visit the National Library in Pretoria…

State Library Pretoria

State Library Interior

I can’t wait…look at it!  Construction of a state of the art 33 000m2 library building was completed in 2007.  This building is the National Library’s flagship facility, providing space for the vast collection as well as seating for 1 800 library users.  It attracts around 15 000 users a month.  Unfortunately it is a reference library and no materials are allowed to leave the premises.

Doesn’t bother me at all…I just need a creative space to work and play for a day.  That’s the beauty of working from home…you can take your office anywhere!

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