Be still

Just close your ears for a second…can you hear that?  Can’t you hear it?  The house is super quiet because the kids are at creche! Hooray!

For the first time in weeks I can breathe!  I can work in peace and quiet and I can attend to the important affairs like running the business and getting things done.  On the other side, I miss them tremendously.

My babies

In this busy day and age, we need some time to be still.  Last week our dear friends Jo-Anne and Franklin offered to take the kids for 1 night.  Wow, was I excited!  I felt like it was my birthday!  Ashley had to go to Harties to meet a potential client so we took the opportunity to make a day of it.


We haven’t been able to do that in years!  It was so welcome.  We spent the afternoon talking and working.  I know, we couldn’t help ourselves.  It is a fact that most entrepreneurs have difficulty winding down. But don’t worry, it was nothing stressful.

We rented some movies and for the first time in years I could sleep in!  Aah…it was divine.  Thanks Jo and Frank…next month is your turn!

You know, I find it is crucial to take time out…regularly.  Even daily…as a Christian I need to spend time with my Saviour.  I need to be in His presence to revive my spirit and get the energy to continue the good work He has started in me.  But the reality is with the pressures of today, it is very difficult.  Let’s encourage one another to stand strong. Partner with like-minded people to make arrangements like that where you just take time out, even for a day.

Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.  ~Ovid

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