And counting…7 weeks with kids at home

So it’s been more than 7 weeks of bliss at home.  Fast-paced renovations, building business and blabbering babes have been the order of the day.

I have really been tested to my limits especially with Chelsea and Kirsten being at home.  I am totally overwhelmed. Everyday is a chase after wind or to me it feels that way.  The day starts at around 6h30 when Kirsten wakes up. (07h30 if she really wants to spoil me)

Uhmm...sand is nice and crunchy

Then my day only ends after midnight.  It is a constant nagging and fighting and crying and they get up to big mischief while I try to get on with chores and running the business.

Going wild

Since now, we haven’t found a creche we were comfortable with.  So I am glad to announce that if all goes well this will be their last week at home!  They will be joining the creche next Monday!   I am counting the sleeps!  Three cheers for me-time! At least I thought so, then I remembered all the to-do lists!

Check the list of reno-related things still to do:

  1. Front door (kitchen door) needs to be painted
  2. Roof needs sealing
  3. All Burglar bars and window frames need to be painted white
  4. Bricks under kitchen sink needs to be painted
  5. The lounge needs to be painted (both walls and ceiling)
  6. Steam clean couches
  7. Plaster window bands
  8. Study’s ceiling to be painted
  9. Walls needs painting
  10. Finish painting main bedroom door (after the mishap that happened!)

That is just half the list of to do’s.  That is besides all the household chores and office work. It is a mammoth task, but at least I will be able to focus systematically working my way around things.  No interruptions!  Maybe I will even find time for a bubble bath or so!

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2 thoughts on “And counting…7 weeks with kids at home

  1. Abigail Zwartz-Cupido says:

    Hi Lilly…

    Gees you are one amazing woman. I read your blog and was in awe of what you’ve coped with and how you have created an absolutely beautiful new home. Your daughters are so grown up. Love to both of them and a big hug. Take care.

    Still reading.


  2. Lilly Loompa says:

    Hi Abs

    Thanks for the wonderful compliments. All honor to God, I cannot do anything without Him. It is so nice to hear from you! Hope you are well? Ons mis die paarl baie, maar vir nou is JHB ons huis. Liefde aan Gavin & girls. Stuur asb pics?

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