Bedroom bliss

So last week I updated you on the progress of our kitchen.  Now let’s move over to the main bedroom.

It was filled with office articles…

Bedroom full of office furniture

We started clearing it…

Almost clear

lifted the carpets and made a wonderful discovery!

Cleared bedroom

The floors were parquet and still totally in tact!

Parquet floor

I was elated!  But, my excitement was short-lived as it turned out to be a nightmare to clear up the mess left by the blue carpet.

Trying to clean-up

I tried to use paint/glue stripper but it quickly became a sticky situation. Then I opted for the planing machine, but that didn’t help much either. So I had to come up with an interim solution.  But first we had to paint the room.

We had loads of tins of paint that we found on site.  These were some of the colours we had.

Paint colours

So I chose a green colour as well as gray to make a feature wall behind the bed.  I wanted to keep it simple and aesthetically pleasing.

Painting main bedroom

So this is what I did.

Paint effect on wall

I painted the bottom half in a grayish tone.  Sorry, the paint tins didn’t have proper labels so not sure what the true name is of the colour, but it is a Plascon product.  Then I made a white strip level with the door-frame.  So it looked like this when done…

White stripe on wall

Back to the floor dilemma.  We still had a piece of carpet left from our previous casa but it was way to small to fill the room.  We also had to find a solution for both our room and the girls’ as well.  On one of my trips to our “stockroom” and found a roll of raffia.  So I cut the carpet in half and put the carpet center and the raffia around the borders.

Temporary flooring solution

Raffia carpet

I was actually pleasantly surprised at the outcome.  It’s nothing fancy but it managed to create a feeling of being on holiday.  It conjured up some memories of being at the beach on a nice sunny day.  Which was really welcome considering we haven’t been on a holiday for so long.

Oh, where is my head?  I forgot to mention what my inspiration was.  Check the header on my blog.  I love the tranquil colours and the mood it creates.


I also added a dark brown floating shelf above the bed which I painted in a lighter gray colour.

Painting floating shelf

So with some accessories and artwork this is what the room looks like now…

Main bedroom at night

It is not complete yet.

I would like to replace the curtains which I bought more than 8 years ago!  I know that’s quite shocking considering my trade is interior decorating!  Anyway, I will hopefully update them soon.  Here is a picture from another angle.

Another angle

Oh, and if you are really attentive, you would have noticed that the door is suddenly another colour!  About 2 weeks ago I asked Chris, our helper, to paint the outside of the door facing to the hallway in that colour.  Turns out he misunderstood me and painted the whole door!  I was absolutely horrified.  At one stage I actually almost started hyperventilating!  Are you crazy you might ask?  Just over a stupid door?  The door was meant to be part of the wall’s design. To top it all, I don’t have any more of that paint left as they were two tins that we mixed.

You tell me which of the two looks better.

Gray wall and door

I am not over it yet…I have just put it on my to-do list.  I am sure eventually I will figure out something.

See another shot of the room from a different angle.

Dressing-room door

Once again, not complete yet.  There is some dead space I need to fill with either artwork or a mirror as indicated below…

Needs artwork

So that is the bedroom as it stands now.

On average, we need 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night in order to stay healthy and functional. This means, like it or not, we could be spending up to one-third of our lives in our bedrooms. Yet often we neglect this space and the potential it has to affect our well-being.

Improving the ambience in your bedroom could benefit your health (through leading to sounder, more refreshing sleep), your peace of mind (by providing a space for recuperation and tranquility), or both.

I absolutely love our bedroom.  It is spacious and tranquil and with a few changes here and there, I am sure will bring me much joy and rest in the future.


2 thoughts on “Bedroom bliss

  1. Anthea Ngubane says:

    Hey Lizl, I finally have a chance to check out ur blog! Impressed indeed. Your creativity amazes me!!! Stunning!!!

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