A little revealing…

I have been meaning to show you some of the progress we have made during the renovations, but haven’t come round to it yet!  So here goes!

We will start with the kitchen.  Whoa, what a mess it was!  Let me refresh your memory…

Messy kitchen

Unsightly tiles

No order!

It was smelly, dirty and had no order!  The house is built quite skew as mentioned before, so nothing seemed level.  Anyway we started clearing and ended up with this…

Cleared kitchen with industrial fridge

We chucked everything but I just had to keep this industrial stainless steel fridge!  It’s not in working order but makes a great work-top and is hygienic as well.

Kitchen sink before

It already looked much better, although it needed major TLC!  At first we totally overwhelmed by the project and we had a few setbacks. Our dear friend, Edwellan’s bakkie was stolen along with the power tools and equipment we needed.  But we stood strong and were determined to get the house livable within 14 days.

Then came the chaos…

I am armed and dangerous!

I hated the back splash tiles and it just had to go!

Kitchen mayhem

We totally went mad.  Statistics say a kitchen and bathroom is the worst and most expensive rooms to renovate and I totally agree! Here is a list of things we had done:

  1. The unsightly tiles were ripped off.  We replaced it with wood panels.  We still need to sort the back-splash at the kitchen sink.
  2. We took the oven out of the rotten cupboard and placed it in our newly recycled office credenza’s.
  3. I wanted an eye-level oven, so we moved the oven in the corner and put the stove plates on the right.  It just made more sense that way.
  4. We used some old garden trellises and made kitchen cupboard doors for under the kitchen sink.
  5. The wall that separated the kitchen and dining area was leveled.  We painted it a grayish colour.
  6. The walls were painted white.
  7. I took a bookshelf, whitewashed it and hung it above the industrial fridge.
  8. I painted the bamboo blinds white.

The kitchen is far from complete but here is a look at it now…

Kitchen after

Kitchen after

Kitchen sink and cupboards after

As said, we are far from completion.  We tackled this whole project (including the rest of the house) with zero budget and I am proud to say this far we spend less than R 2000,00 (maybe less).  All you need is a little creativity, time and patience.  We did all the work ourselves and that is already a saver.

Among the things we still need to do is:

  • Install a new floor finish.  We are really into cement-screed floors.  This will run through to the lounge, passage, bathroom and toilet.
  • Install a glass back-splash at the kitchen sink.  We are thinking of frosting the back for a nice clean look.  We found glass on site, so we will hopefully not spend a lot of moola.
  • Finish painting the wood panels…we ran out of white Enamel paint.  Also for a finished look, complete the corners with corner rounds.
  • Paint the walls below the kitchen sink.  We might plaster it not sure yet.
  • Paint the window frames white
  • Fix the rising damp that causes the paint to splinter.
  • Might install a new mixer (depends on the available budget)
  • Might replace all the light switch covers (or we just might re-paint them)

There might be more to do.  You know how it goes…you can do your best to devise a plan but renovating is definitely not for sissies!  You need a lot of perseverance and hair on your teeth.  It’s even more strain on your marriage if your husband is involved.  But I love every minute of it!


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