Trouble with the neighbours…

Last week we got the devastating news that Ashley’s grandfather, Daddy May, passed on. He had been sick for a few weeks and passed away on Tuesday, 1 March 2011.  So we swiftly packed and within hours we were on the road to Cape Town.

Firstly let me say, although Daddy May was Ashley’s grandfather, he was actually his Dad. He literally became his father when Ashley’s parents unfortunately divorced.  So this was really a big blow to both him and his family.

So all went well with the funeral and we left Paarl a week later and arrived in Egoli on Wednesday, 9 March at around 9 in the morning.

After 14 hours on the road with a fully-loaded car and two nagging babes, the only thing I could think of was a glorious nap.

But we had a rude awakening when our helper and house sitter, Chris, gave us the news that one of our neighbours gave some trouble.  He came into the yard while Chris was inside and chopped off a bunch of trees!  This was our view when we initially moved in…

And this is how it looks now…

We were flabbergasted!  How can someone just come onto one’s property and do as he pleases?  I was devastated! I am not sure what type of trees they were…but they offered us some protection and privacy.  Before we couldn’t even see those rooftops.

Chris is from Zimbabwe and has been living with us for a few weeks. We have known him for the last three years.  Workers from neighbouring countries are regularly victims of Xenophobia, so he was forced to stay out of the whole debacle and watched helplessly as they cut off the trees.

Yesterday we decided to go around to the unknown neighbour who stays in this house…

We went around to the main entrance of their house on the other side and was greeted by a very hostile man who we suspected was the culprit.  Initially he made us believe he was only renting and will give us the number of the owner.  But upon us revealing why we were there…he totally blew a gasket!

He swore and shouted and rambled on about how nobody tells him what to do…and he does not give a hoot (that’s putting it mildly) about what anybody thinks of him!

We are still reeling about what happened.  We consider ourselves “good” neighbours.  We are reasonable people and are always willing to talk things through.  We don’t promote violence and malicious behaviour at all.  Ashley kept very calm while being sworn and shouted at all the while talking over the fence.  He refused to let us in his property.  His wife seemed very helpless and was willing to talk things through but her husband totally dominated the situation and we eventually left.

We immediately called the police and have decided to lay a formal charge.  This is not ideal, but we cannot just leave it there.  It is just not fair to us, or to the planet.  We don’t know what his reasons were, but the least he could have done, was consult us in the matter.

We pray that the situation will not get messy.  We have long-term plans to lay a herb and vegetable garden and will now also have to plant some trees to replace those lost.

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