Life, cupboards and everything else!

As mentioned in previous blogs we have found all the items we need right here at Naturena.  We are literally living off the fat of the land. For instance although we converted these office credenza’s into kitchen cupboards as seen here below. Before…

Office credenza before

Kitchen cupboards after

I still didn’t have enough space and I needed a pantry.  Initially I thought of attempting a corner cupboard right in this corner…

Then I decided not to.  Mainly because the stress of the renovation just got to me.  I was excited about the new house and all the work we have done…but I had had enough. So I took a stroll down to the warehouse or our “local stock room” and browsed through it a bit.  Guess what I found…

A dilapidated blue cupboard.  It was love at first sight.  It is perfect for the “farmhouse” feel we have unintentionally created in the kitchen.  It has louvred doors which is a typical door to use to achieve a country style look. The structure is actually not as bad as I thought, and the unit is extremely heavy as its made of solid pine.  From what I saw inside the cupboard, it was originally a bedroom cupboard as it has a clothing rail inside.  So first up, it needs a lick of paint. And to tie in with the calm, cool effect I want in the kitchen, white seems the best option.

Then of course we need new hardware as the one door’s knob is missing.

So this is how it looks currently…(after 2 weeks of starting)

I have just been so lazy and the thought of completing it now just overwhelmes me.  So, I have decided that day will come. In the mean time I will go to bed after midnight, wake up at 05hoo (Kirsten crying), attend to daily chores, attempt to blog, make countless meals, do the washing, grocery shopping, entertain the kids, entertain hubby, clean the house, rearrange the cupboards, decorate the house, try to build the interior business, complete the renovation…I think you get the picture! Oh, and I had to paint the bamboo blinds as well.  They were the original wooden colour, but it just made the kitchen look crowded.

So when I did have the time and energy to tackle them, I did with vigour…

In total I painted 4 blinds, both sides.  It took exactly 1 litre of paint. So that equates to 125 ml for each side and it took me about 2 hours. (in between wiping Chelsea’s face when she wiped it with paint brush)

So you saw the end result.  It looks alot more serene, but I am not happy yet.  I want a real stark white look like this below…

So when I do muster up the energy again, I will give them another coat of paint…until then back to life!


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