Can love be bought?

So our daughter, Chelsea, turned 4 on Valentine’s day, 14 February. Yes, and no she wasn’t due on that day, nature just took it’s course.

I was one of eleven women who gave birth, but I was the only one who went natural while the others decided to have C-sections.  All part of the plan to have a Valentine’s baby.

I actually don’t like the fact that she shares her birthday with this overrated day.  Not even sure what the history is, it just doesn’t make sense to me.  Regardless of the origin, the holiday is now entrenched in our culture. And if you think you aren’t going to take part, beware: 53% of women in America would dump their boyfriend if they did not get them anything for Valentine’s Day.

My husband has a philosophy…every day should be Valentine’s day. Though I am not so sure I have had 2920 valentine’s (we’ve been married 8 years), or 4015 (together for 11 years)!

However he does surprise me now and then, and mind you not with flowers but with power tools! Yes, I love drills, sanders and all things powerful!  That’s me and our friend, Edwellan, hanging floating shelves.

So does the fact that he buys me something make me love him more…sad to say but yes!  I am only hu(wo)man!  We women like to feel appreciated.  We love the fact that they took the initiative and time to pick up something special for us.

Do they always get it right?  No, I have had some weird surprises in the past.  I won’t mention it (for obvious reasons).  But men are not the only one making blunders when it comes to buying gifts.  Don’t become labelled as someone who buys gifts with no thought or imagination.  (Yes, I know, sometimes I am culprit too).

The fact is we love being spoiled by our better halves.  And no we don’t want another pirex dish or another candle holder.  Give us romantic holidays to exotic islands.  Give us intimate picnics in rolling meadows.  Or just run the bathwater, or cook the food!

2 thoughts on “Can love be bought?

  1. Jo-Anne says:

    I was a romantic in the pass.Spoil me with flowers, holidays etc.Lately I enjoy spending time with my family, without skype meetings, phone calls etc.A picnic with the family do wonders to me.The kids love to play ballgames and ride with their call me a plain Jane?

    Not that i say I am not dreaming about the day when myself and my girlfriends will book ourselves to a day in the spa.

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