Going “hole” the way!

When we first started emptying this really backed up room, we discovered a concealed room which made me quite nervous.

After rumours heard about snakes on the property, I was really squeamish.  I am normally the first to tackle a room, but there was no way I was opening that door! Because the property has so many buildings and rooms, we had really no idea what could be lurking behind it!

So, we mustered all our courage together and finally opened it…

Sjoe, at least nothing sprang out!  But now the actual work needed to be done.  Who was going to start moving and pulling all that stuff out?  Once the guys started moving it I jumped right in.

Among the things that popped out were a tumble dryer and old computers from yesteryear.  Also about 10 round foldable tables, paint, and a pulpit!  Yes, the previous home-owner is a pastor.

After about an hour it was finally empty…

It looked like a hell-hole!  It had no ceiling, no floor and the walls had major cracks in it.

We once again had no budget for this room, but immediately knew we wanted to use it as a walk-in closet.

So, we cleaned it up, prepared the walls a bit and painted it.

I know, it doesn’t look like much now, but we are making strides.  I found some raffia sheets on site and used it as a temporary ceiling cause I couldn’t stand the openness.  Not sure what could be peeping down from up there!  We seriously need a flooring solution a it is quite dusty now.  I also need to buy loads of clothing hangers!

Will keep you updated…check this space!!

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