Recycle and re-use!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  I had endless problems with the internet and finally got sorted today! 

I am a big fan of recycling and re-using.  I come up with the weirdest ideas and always find treasures in other people’s garbage.  They find it quite strange me going through what they consider junk.  But I love their reaction when they see the end result. 

For instance, the lamp below was a broken bamboo blind I bought years ago.  I keep everything, and see beauty in everything.

Then there’s the cable tie lampshade…

It took me 8 hours and nearly 400 cable ties to complete.  It also scored me 99% in the exams.  We had to make a contemporary furniture piece inspired from either the Medieval of Baroque era.  I chose the Medieval times and below was my inspiration:


The cross is the actual frame of my shade and the cable ties illustrates the candle wax dripping. 

Last week I got this garden screen in someone’s backyard. 

And converted it into a cool bathroom cabinet for all our toiletries.  I wanted something airy and open. 

I must still complete it with a nice knob! 

We once again moved without a budget to fix up the place.  So I was once again forced to improvise.  The house was filled with office furniture and junk. 

I immediately knew I wanted to use the credenza for a kitchen cabinet. 

I wanted a eye-level oven, so we cut the top and put the plates in and pushed the oven in the corner.

I love them.  They’re different and cost me absolutely nothing.  I used the paint on-site to create a dark wood effect. 

I believe that every person should recycle in some way.  I will soon start a recycling centre here at our new house.  I will keep you posted!

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