Container living

This is my dream home…

What?  I hear you asking!  No, seriously, I love the concept of container living.  This container is at Naturena and the idea is to sell the concept to government as a solution to the housing crisis.

The one above is 2 containers that have been joined to create a 3-bedroom home.  I takes 14 days to complete, is insulated which means it’s cool in summer and warm in winter. 

Check how big and airy the rooms are.  It is not finished yet, so the end result will look much better.  The rooms are fairly spacious and will suit a family of 4. 

And check the views.  It literally means you can camp in the bushveld and have all the luxuries that you’re used to.

Check some of the container living concepts from abroad…

SG Blocks is changing that though, creating some amazing modern dwellings that aren’t out of place in the hippest design circles. Recycling the existing structures is Earth-friendly, too. SG Blocks co-founder David Cross told CNN:

“These containers weigh about 9,000 pounds, and it takes about 9,000 kilowatt hours of energy to melt down 9,000 pounds of steel,” Cross said. “We modify that existing piece of steel with approximately 400 kilowatt hours of energy input. [That’s a] 95 percent energy footprint reduction.”

There are other major benefits. Shipping container housing can reduce construction time by half. Cost estimates vary- some speculate that pricing runs equivalent to traditional “stick frame” homes. Others indicate a savings of at least 15%.

Another benefit is durability- the homes are stronger than their wood-framed counterparts, and termite resistant, too. Around 18 million shipping containers are currently in use worldwide.

You know I am a nomad, and this is perfect!  It is portable and can be loaded on a truck and you can take it wherever you go!

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                      SG Blocks

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      Greetings! Hoe gaan dit? Ek is so excited om jou nuwe besigheid op jou website te sien! Dis so exciting! All the best, and may your business go from strength to strength!

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