Another move on the cards…

We are moving again.  This is no 15 and we have only been married 8 years!  Call us nomads, or crazy…in a weird way we get a kick out of it.

There have been a few times when I really didn’t want to move or it was just too emotional.  But we have learnt so much from each of these moves.  It has definitely shaped my character for the good.

In October 2010, we got involved in a charity organisation called 1 in 1 Out.  Check them out on  In February 2010 they acquired 5,8 hectares of land in Naturena to set up the Breakthrough Skills Development and Agriculture Centre. In 2010, they fed, clothed and provided groceries to about 4200 families that live in dire poverty. They gave out school uniforms and school books to about 650 poor children.  They also provided basic requirements to hundreds who lost there homes by fire and flood.  This was all possible through the grace of God.

So we will be directly involved in the setting up the Breakthrough Centre.  That’s why we will be moving on site as its more practical.

Here are some pics I took in December:

The front of the house

Our daughter Chelsea and the church in the distance.

Some of the outbuildings on site.  The blue container on the left is a fully fitted bakery.  We are busy acquiring funding to get it started. Once operational, it will provide 500 loaves of bread to the community for free.  Thereafter the remaining bread will be sold for cost price.

The house in the center is actually 2 shipping containers that have been converted into a 3-bedroom house.  Just adjacent to it is a RDP house.  Both cost R70 000 to build, but the container can be build and finished in under 14 days.  It is insulated and very spacious.  It is a great alternative as the structure is built to last.

The house is said to be strong, mold-free, fire and termite-proof and 70% of its construction can occur off site, therefore reducing construction waste.  We are hoping to get government involved and get them to buy in and solve the never-ending housing problem.

We will be living in the main house, and as you can see it needs a lot of work.  We started renovating about 2 weeks ago.

I will post some pictures later in the week.  But I have to add that this project is funded purely by God’s grace.  We started with no money but everything we have needed thus far we have found on site.  It is astonishing…and I have endless examples of items we found on site.  Thus we have only spend money on labour and a few small things like nails and drill bits.

Truly the verse:

Gen 45:18 ‘ and bring your father and your families back to me. I will give you the best of the land of Egypt and you can enjoy the fat of the land.’

is true in this case.   We are living off the fat of the land!  Watch this space!

One thought on “Another move on the cards…

  1. Sherell Diane says:

    Wow Lizl, I am sooo inspired by this project; it’s very close to my heart and the good that I am trying to do. Dean and I are passionate about “making a real difference”, especially in the lives of children and are also involved with a few projects at the moment. A big one that I am working on with 3 other like minded female friends is the establishmnt of a character building non-profit organisation through which we wish to deliver certain programs to disadvantaged girl children. At this stage, I cannot see where the resources will come from but like you, we’re fully reliant on God’s grace. We’re passionate about it and believe it will address some big social issue with township girls, ultimately hoping to equip them with tools to make wise value-based decisions for their lives. Like I said, it feels like a mountain to climb at the moment but I trust that by God’s grace, all will be well with the project because it was born from a place of love.

    Oh my, we should get together soon to share more!

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