Jou ma se Parys (Joie de vivre!)

In 2005, Ashley & I backpacked through Europe.  We were supposed spend 2 nights in the romance capital of the world, Paris.  We had such a hard time, the locals were unfriendly, and they refused to give us directions.  We ended up spending only a few hours before we headed for Barcelona.  So this is the only picture we have of Paris…

So a few weeks ago, we at last had our fling with the real Parys!  Yes, Parys, Freestate, South Africa.  What a welcome and refreshing experience compared to Paris, France!

We decided on the morning of 1 December 2010 (our 8th wedding anniversary) to go there.  The people were friendly and the place is so quaint.  It’s streets are lined with the most interesting little shops and the town is situated on the banks of the mighty Vaal river.

Eiffel tower at circus

Eiffel tower in town

Eiffel tower at the Old Ferry House

It was so cool, and all over town you’ll find interpretations of the Eiffel tower.

We were told we couldn’t leave Parys without having pink drinks at Old Ferry House.  What a cool bar?  You feel like floating on the Vaal river as the bar is elevated just over it.

And the best part, its a mere 125 km’s from Johannesburg.  With very affordable accommodation, it’s the perfect weekend getaway.

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