Tree of (for) life

I love Christmas decorations!  I also love the unconventional.  Since we got married, I have never had a traditional Christmas tree.  I like to use objects from nature and decorate them.  Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of all of them!  (That will teach me to always take pics!)

This one was for Christmas 2008.  It was a dead tree I picked up in Paarl while driving.  I had it at least for 7 months before I decided what to do with it.

I am sorry the picture does not do it justice, it was really beautiful!

This year, I was fascinated by a certain sisal or “garingboom” as we call it in Afrikaans.  I saw one on our wedding anniversary in Parys, Free State on 1 December 2010.  I was totally in love with the shape and structure!  I had to have one!

Then began my relentless search for a fallen one.  I didn’t want to chop done a living organism, but the desire for one took me over!  Whenever I was driving, wherever I went, I was looking and searching.

Ashley and I drove to Pretoria on the N14 when I saw one!  I had to have it!  But Ashley couldn’t appreciate my vision and we just passed it.  I had to accept the fact that time was running out, and I might have to buy a plastic one from the shop.  How boring!

Then the impossible happened.  I found one!

And guess what, right on my doorstep.  And just in the nick of time!  I have been driving past one for the last 7 months and never even noticed it!  It must be less than 500 meters from our home.  And luckily it was a stagnant one!

It is such a great tree.  It is sturdy and the shape is just gorgeous!  I white-washed it and just put some baubles here and there.  Don’t you just love it?


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