Shuusssh…Jozi’s sleeping…

I visited Joburg previously during the Festive season, and heard that it goes into sleep-mode for a few weeks.  But this year, being a resident myself (for 8 months now) I am experiencing it first hand!  It is actually very sobering and welcome at the same time!

No traffic on the roads…beside the fact that none of the traffic lights work!  No waking up at 04h30 to be in time for that meeting at 09h00 in Sandton!  No weird people staring at you while you’re stuck in bumper to bumper traffic!

It’s so refreshing and relaxing, you even have time to look up and enjoy the skyline.

Isn’t it beautiful?  I have never seen this section of the N1 just of William Nicol this free-flowing!  At least not at 17h00 on a weekday afternoon!


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